Sunlife香港 日本人の契約打切り


I had the chance to talk to a person who deals with Hongkong investment yesterday and heard that Sunlife Hongkong is going to stop making a contract with the Japanese.


Some people say that it starts from July but it seems that the deadline for new contracts is June 20th, Wednesday.


Apparently, the Financial Services Agency of Japan put pressure on them and they decided not to handle the Japanese anymore.


The Hongkong investment that is famous for Japanese is “Long-term funding”. However, the one I’ve been checking is a private pension insurance program.


Long-term funding is an investment while this private pension insurance program guarantees the growth of the money and the return is pretty attractive.


Actually, it seems that we can still make a contract with them somehow after June 20th but the commission will be bigger so nothing good comes out of it.


I need to go to Hongkong before June 20th… I gotta do something about my schedule.