ASUS VivoBook X541Uという機種なんですが、CPUはインテルコアi3、メモリが4MB、SSD256GBという最低限のところを抑えたうえで6万円という価格。


CPUはCore i5がいいのかな?なんて考えながら電気店を4つくらい回って、店員さんからも情報収集した結果これにしました。Core i3でもCore i5でも基本性能は変わらないらしいですね。Core i5は重くなった時のブースト機能があるらしく、それ以外は同じなんだとか。じゃあ要らないとなりました。

My laptop that broke down yesterday was DELL but I chose ASUS for my next one. What I liked about it was the specs. Browsers open quite fast and it’s comfortable.

The model is ASUS VivoBook X541UA and the specs are Intel Core i3 for CPU, 4MB of memory and SSD256GB. This is the least specs for me and the price was only 60 thousand yen.

I do not need the latest PC since I am not a designer or anything like that. That’s why I just want something around 50k to 60k with the specs that are good enough.

I was thinking if I should choose Core i5 for CPU and went to 4 different electronic stores to get more information from their staff and I finally decide to buy this one.

According to the staff I met, the difference between Core i3 and Core i5 is kind of small. Core i5 can make it faster when it’s dealing with too big data but other than that, it is almost the same as Core i3. So I decided not to buy it.